Water Resources is an area of civil engineering that deals with hydrology and water quality in the environment.  Hydrology is the science of water movement, from the time it hits the ground in a rainfall event, to its evaporation back into the clouds. It includes stream flow measurements, modeling of rainfall runoff, determining flood stage, and groundwater levels and movement.

As a consultant in water resources, MSEI has advised both private and public on the causes of water quality problems and drainage problems and helped develop solutions to such problems. In litigations, MSEI has served as an expert witness for both the plaintiff and defendant on a variety of water resource issues.

Consulting has ranged from the simple to the complex. Examples include:

  • Installation of piezometers to determine and monitor groundwater levels and movement
  • Assessed wet-basement situations for homeowners, and recommended solutions
  • Determined 100-year flood elevations and prepared FEMA LOMA/LOMRs to take land areas out of the flood plain
  • Designed numerous storm water collection systems
  • Conducted several lake water quality studies
  • Designed, and supervised construction of lake outlets
  • Investigated ice jam flooding to determine causes
  • Modeled multi-watershed drainage systems, designed pond outlets and drainage channels, designed grading to manage runoff and prevent flooding
  • Served as expert witness in litigations involving flooding



Water Resources