Land surveying is the practice of determining property lines, describing land in legal property descriptions, subdividing land, and placing property corner monuments in the ground.

MSEI provides services ranging from finding property corners for home owners, to platting entire subdivisions. MSEI has GPS,  and robotic total station for fast and accurate surveys and staking.

Nearly every week, MSEI does 1 or 2 small surveying projects for home owners in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding suburbs:

  • Locating existing property corners
  • Surveying lots to determine property lines, install property corners, and provide a Certificate of Survey
  • Subdividing lots and providing legal descriptions for lot splits
  • Describing easements
  • Helping to settle property line disputes

As a subcontractor, MSEI provides land surveying and staking services to other civil engineers, architects, home builders, and land developers, providing:

  • Boundary and topographic surveys
  • Staking services for grading, buildings, parking lots, and utilities
  • Subdivision Plats, ALTA surveys, and condominium plats


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